St. George Málaga is located in a residential zone of the city surrounded by pine trees and greenery. Our center is thus calm and pollution-free which favors a pleasant environment in which to learn.

The school has 2 buildings: the Foundation building (for Nursery and Reception students aged 3 and 4) and the building where Primary and Secondary are located. The good installations of the two buildings contribute significantly to the quality education we impart. All the classrooms in the school are well-lit, spacious, and well-equipped. Both the classrooms and the halls are even more attractive due to their quantity and variety of projects done by the children. There are recreation zones for the youngest students to play and sporting installations for older students.

The center contains specific classrooms such as 3 science laboratories, a library, reading rooms, IT classrooms which are well-equipped, and an art and gymnasium workshop.

St. George Málaga has a sports club of 13,000 square meters with sports facilities, student club and pool.

All together our installations offer a pleasant environment which is stimulating and safe for learning.