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St. George ISOM Barcelona
“Teaching is outstanding and pupils have a very positive attitude to learning”    Inspection report 2020

British school in Barcelona

St George is a private British school, located in the upper side of Barcelona city, with classes from two years of age. We have students from more than 45 different nationalities who from the first day, learn English with native teachers. We believe in helping each child reach their own maximum potential and giving them the tools they will need to excel in their personal and professional lives.


An International British Education

Students follow the full British National Curriculum, as they would if they were in the UK. We follow all the fundamental principles of British education while taking advantage of the richness of the local environment and culture. This multicultural context is what makes their education different as they complete their studies with compulsory subjects such as Castilian Language and Catalan and Social Studies which are taught weekly in different courses. Thanks to their complete training in both systems, they can choose whether their university studies are going abroad or whether they prefer to stay in Spain.

A British International education

British Native Teachers

Our teachers are native speakers and are qualified to teach the British National Curriculum. They are committed and dedicated professionals, enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. In addition, they work tirelessly to help students reach their full potential and provide a personalised educational programme. Our aim is to instil in students an enthusiasm for discovery and to ensure that they are passionate about learning.

Native English Teachers St George Barcelona

Education in excellence

One of our commitments is the constant search for excellence among our students and among the educational community. The school’s academic level is high and we create the right conditions for effective learning through clear codes of conduct, based on respect for peers, staff, facilities and the environment.


Getting The Best
Of Each Student

We know that each student is unique, has different abilities, passions and different ways of learning. That is why it is so important for us to respect their identity, support them in their needs and maximize their skills, thus getting the best out of each of them. Our students feel happy and safe at school. Working on the confidence and self-esteem of each child is our priority so they grow up in an environment where they feel not only that each child matters, but that they are a key to the smooth running of the school.

St George Barcelona. Classrooms for music, art and ICT, as well as classrooms for personalised support, libraries and science laboratories.

The Best Facilities

Our school has specialized music, art and computer classrooms, as well as personalized support classrooms, library and laboratories. In addition, an auditorium, green areas and sports covering an area of more than one hectare of land.

Admissions process open all year through

We make visits with each family previously arranged. Ask for information and come and meet us.

Summer School

Do you want your children to have fun in summer while learning English? In St. George they will have a unique experience with sports, workshops, handicrafts, water activities, cooking, music, etc. And all this with total immersion in English and taught by native teachers.


Each summer during August, we receive the examination results for iGCSEs and the IB Diploma. We have been absolutely delighted with our first IB Diploma examination results. Here are the headlines from these results: All year 13 students were accepted into Universities, with students choosing to study in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Holland, France and…

Our IGCSE results this year were again outstanding! 100% of students achieved 5 or more IGCSEs at grade 9 – 4.68% of IGCSE grades were graded at 7 – 9. In English Literature and English Language, students achieved 2 grades higher than their expected target grade set by CEMs*. In Mathematics, students achieved 1.95 grades higher than…

We are incredibly proud of our first set of IGCSE exam results. 95% of students achieved 4 or more IGCSEs at grade 963% of IGCSEs grades were a grade 8 or 9 48% of students achieved a grade 9 in Mathematics100% of students achieved a grade 9-4 in English Literature and on average students achieved…

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