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St. George Barcelona

British School in Barcelona

St. George is a private British school, located in the upper side of Barcelona city, with classes from two years old. We have students from more than 40 different nationalities who, from the first day, learn English with native teachers. For us, the most important thing is that each child reaches their own maximum potential and aims for excellence so that they have all the tools they need to excel in the future.

A British
International education

The students follow the English National Curriculum as if they were in a school in the U.K. We follow all the key principles of a British education, whilst taking advantage of the environment and culture around us. This multicultural atmosphere makes every student’s education unique as they also study the compulsory subjects of Spanish and Catalan Languages and Humanities on a daily basis. Due to the pathways we offer, our students can choose to further their studies overseas or remain in Spain.

A British International education

Native English Teachers

Our teachers are all qualified  and are native English speakers. They are committed and dedicated professionals, enthusiastic about their subjects. They work tirelessly to support the students in developing their potential and are trained to provide an individualised educational programme. Our aim is to instil in the children a lifelong love of learning.

Native English Teachers

Academic Excellence

The academic standard of our school is high and there is a serious approach to study with a determination to get the best out of each student. We create the conditions for effective learning by insisting that all children follow clear codes of conduct, based on respect for fellow pupils, staff, property and the environment.


Getting the best
of each student

Every student is unique, has different strengths, passions and a different way of learning. That’s why it is so important for us to respect every individual, supporting them and helping to develop their maximum potential. Our children feel happy and secure in the school and it is our priority to try and build each child’s confidence and self esteem. We create an environment where every individual child is important and we know that these principles are key elements in building an outstanding school.

Getting the best of each student. St George Barcelona

The best facilities

Our school has specialised classrooms for music, art and ICT, as well as classrooms for personalised support, libraries and science laboratories. Next academic year we are moving to a very close location, just five minutes from where we are now. The new premises are located in a bigger extension of land with over one hecra. It has an auditorium, more outdoor space, green areas and bigger sports facilities.

St George Barcelona. Classrooms for music, art and ICT, as well as classrooms for personalised support, libraries and science laboratories.

The admission process is open throughout the year

We organise individual school tours all year round. We encourage you to come and visit.

Summer School

Do you want your children to have fun during the summer while learning English at the same time? At St. George they will have a great time experiencing a range of activities including sports, workshops, arts and crafts, water games, cooking and music. Students are immersed in English as all of our teachers are native speakers.



Our Year 8 and Year 9 pupils recently arrived back from a field trip to Rome, which formed part of their History and Geography studies. Visiting so many inspiring sites has allowed our pupils to assimilate history in a much more practical way and has expanded their cultural knowledge. Trying to fit in as much…

Talent Show

Congratulations once again to all the pupils who participated in this year’s school Talent Show. We can see that public speaking and the performing arts develop self-esteem, confidence and have a very positive impact on children. We have been impressed with your skills and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show!

Crazy Hair Day

The children (and teachers!) are having a fantastic Crazy Hair Day at St. George Barcelona. So far we’ve managed to raise an amazing €651.90 for the SuperTed fund and donations are still coming in. Thank you all for your support!


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