Encuesta alumnos St George

Survey to our students

We’re so pleased to see that 96.5% of our pupils feel like they are making great progress here at St. George, according to the results of our recent survey! We’d also like to highlight their opinions on the quality of teaching at the school:  “Teachers don’t just teach, they actually want you to learn”, “I…


Thank you for your feedback

Friendly teachers in a truly anglophone environment! This has been Clara’s 3rd summer camp at St George and it has been the best one in these years. All the teachers (and even the gardener) were incredibly well organized and an active team, very warm with kids. Clara is already looking forward to the next summer…


Georgie, the favourite playmate at St. George Barcelona

Recent studies confirm that the presence of a pet in schools reduces stress in the classroom. “Every school should have a dog to reduce stress levels” was the headline of a report by BBC News that collected statements from education professionals defending this claim. For example, the Vice Chancellor of one of the most prestigious…


Legends and Legions

As part of our History curriculum, Year 4 pupils have been learning about ancient civilisations and the significance of shield designs to the Roman army. The shields were used to scare off enemies from far away and high-ranking soldiers would even pay craftsmen to carefully paint scenes from myths to bring luck. Each part of…



Our Year 8 and Year 9 pupils recently arrived back from a field trip to Rome, which formed part of their History and Geography studies. Visiting so many inspiring sites has allowed our pupils to assimilate history in a much more practical way and has expanded their cultural knowledge. Trying to fit in as much…


Talent Show

Congratulations once again to all the pupils who participated in this year’s school Talent Show. We can see that public speaking and the performing arts develop self-esteem, confidence and have a very positive impact on children. We have been impressed with your skills and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show!


Crazy Hair Day

The children (and teachers!) are having a fantastic Crazy Hair Day at St. George Barcelona. So far we’ve managed to raise an amazing €651.90 for the SuperTed fund and donations are still coming in. Thank you all for your support!

DoE Walk in a natural park

DoE Walk

On Saturday, a group of Y9 pupils took part in their first DoE walk. The route took them into the Collserola Natural Park until the summit at Sant Pere Martir. The pupils showed fantastic navigational and teamwork skills! Over the next few weeks, they will start to plan their own route for the next walk.