Leading and educating by example is the most sincere and effective way to educate our children.

Children observe, learn and then imitate, that is why we commit to offering our very best to our children every day, knowing that how they grow and develop depends on us.

Green building

Another commitment that we have in the school is to the environment.

We believe that educating children in the sustainability of the planet is now an obligation. Once again, from the school, we want to educate them by example.

Green building

An absolute requirement when creating our new facilities was the sustainability of the building.

In our commitment to the environment, we use two types of clean and renewable energies. St. George School is cooled and heated from the heat under the ground using geothermal energy and through photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of one of our buildings.

The large windows and skylights help us to optimize the sunlight. The interiors of the classrooms, corridors and auditorium are mostly made of wood, one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

Thanks to the intelligent ventilation system in the classrooms, the air is automatically filtered and renewed before reaching the maximum levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) recommended for health. This guarantees great air quality for our students and teachers.

Much of our school building roofs have been filled with green plants, thus improving air quality, promoting biodiversity and wildlife in the area and increasing energy conservation by optimizing performance.

Green school initiatives

We encourage students at our school to engage with our green school initiatives, as we believe it is important for everyone in our community to understand and to commit to our collective responsibility to care for our planet.

We have a school-wide recycling program which students of all ages are taught about.  Students are educated to firstly reduce waste, for example by using reusable water bottles and snack boxes rather than single-use items. They are given the responsibility to sort what is left into the correct recycling bins. The Year 6 students in primary, Eco warriors,  monitor this recycling as leaders of the green school project.

All students are also taught about our responsibility to save energy around school.  Each classroom has monitors that ensure lights and other electrical items are switched off when not in use.

We also do several uniform swaps a year when families can exchange uniform items for other sizes.  As textile waste has a huge environmental impact, this initiative aims to not only help families to save money but also to reduce our textile waste as a school community.

We have plans to create, on our green areas, learning spaces, where children will be able to grow and tend to plants. Students will be encouraged to design and make items for the learning spaces using recycled and eco-friendly materials. The aim of this is for them to connect with nature and understand our responsibility to care for it, as well as creating a calm and eco-friendly space for them to relax and enjoy.

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