British primary education in Barcelona

Teaching values to our students is more important today than ever. As educators and parents, we are students’ greatest influence and it is our responsibility to teach them to be people with values so that they can grow up to be loving, confident, and respectful adults.

The Primary stage – Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – follows the British National Curriculum, which helps pupils to become active learners, learning in any context, both inside and outside the school. Primary school runs from Year 1 (5 years) to Year 6 (10 years).

All pupils have the core subjects of the British system, English Language, Mathematics and Science and complementary subjects such as History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Computer Science, Art and PSHE (Personal, Social and Civic Education). In addition, they study the obligatory subjects of Social, Spanish Language and Catalan.

We believe that educating children means helping them become independent students. The relationship between family and school is fundamental in order to achieve this. Children learn best when they are involved in the learning process and when the activity is adapted to their individual needs.

In the UK system, we adapt the curriculum to cater for all skills within the same class. Teachers and assistants support children when they encounter difficulties. Reinforcement can take place in the classroom or working in an independent group outside the classroom. Children who exceed the expected level are given objectives that represent a greater challenge to work at a higher level.

Children must want to learn and do their best. Therefore, we motivate them with positive reinforcement through diplomas, points system and awards for merits achieved.


We make visits with each family previously arranged. Ask for information and come and meet us.

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