Primary – Key Stage 1 and 2 – follow the British National Curriculum which helps students become active learners who will learn in many contexts and not just at school. Primary school spans from Year 1 (aged 5) to Year 6 (aged 11).

All students follow the core curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Foundation subjects are History, Geography, PE, Music, Computing, Art and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as well as the Spanish obligatory subjects of Sociales, Spanish and Catalan Languages.

We believe that educating children involves helping them become independent learners; the partnership between home and school is fundamental to this belief. Children learn best when they are active in their learning and where the activities suit their individual needs.

In the British system, we adapt the curriculum to cater for all abilities within each class. Children are supported by teachers and assistants if they face challenges with aspect of the curriculum. This intervention might be in the classroom or within a small group session in another room. The teachers ensure that children who are exceeding their expected level are challenged and extended.

Children must want to learn and progress; motivation is fundamental and to achieve this, rewards in the form of certificates, house points and prizes are encouraged.


We organise individual school tours all year round. We encourage you to come and visit.

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