International Baccalaureate in Barcelona

Teaching values to our students is more important today than ever. As educators and parents, we are students’ greatest influence and it is our responsibility to teach them to be people with values so that they can grow up to be loving, confident, and respectful adults.

During the last two years of school, students take the subjects they have chosen and take the A Levels (Advanced Levels) exams. They are personally advised so that they can draw up the most suitable curriculum for their abilities.

Although British universities only require three subjects from Alevels, depending on the student’s abilities, aptitudes and career choice, we recommend that you choose one more.

Our commitment is to prepare our students for entry into both national and international universities.

In addition to guidance in this decisive stage, students have access to all the school’s resources and a staff ready to help them at all times, including the UCAS Coordinator (responsible for access to the British university) and the Technical Director (for access to the Spanish university).

Our Sixth Form provides a real opportunity for our students to develop as confident individuals with personal aspirations so that they can make a contribution to society.


We make visits with each family previously arranged. Ask for information and come and meet us.

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