A school with a heart

At St. George we believe that a rounded education is not only about academic studies but also in providing many other positive learning experiences that develop children and bring out their best.

Our students are actively involved in a range of charity events and raise funds for good causes both close to home and overseas. During their school life we also offer a varied school trips, programme both as part of the curriculum and in order to give students a broader educational experience. Many of our trips also include a residential or overseas element.

To develop the creative and emotional aspects of a child’s development we offer many different opportunities beyond the school day. For example, Public speaking and performing arts develop self-esteem, confidence, teamwork and have a positive impact on academic studies.

We love seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they are given the chance to achieve in an area in which they excel. We believe it is our responsibility to enable each child to fulfil their potential, giving them the opportunity to shine.


At St.George we want the children to be aware of their responsibility to others in the world and how even as children they can help to make a real difference to other people’s lives.

All children are born with an innate sense of charity and compassion but just as we give our children the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge we also need to give them opportunities to exercise their sense of compassion.

We try and support a number of different causes each year, through events such as our Christmas Jumper day, International Day and Autumn /Spring Fairs.

St. George Madrid is also a UNICEF child-friendly school  “Escuela amiga de UNICEF”. Through this partnership, children learn about how UNICEF supports children all over the world in many different ways and our students raise funds and awareness for UNICEF campaigns.

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