Our values

Teaching values to our children is more important than ever. As educators and parents, we influence our children hugely and it is our responsibility to teach our children core values so they may grow up to be caring, confident and respectful adults.

Our values

Our school promotes and encourages five core values—Personal Best, Responsibility, Fairness, Kindness and Respect.

These encourage the children to lead successful and happy lives where they think not only of themselves but of the world around them. We think of ourselves as one big family in the school where every child has a part to play and is equally valued and loved.

We believe that values are “caught” by children as much as they are taught, this means that if we expect our children to respect others, we must also show respect. Whatever values you wish to instil, you must be willing to stand up for yourself. Here at St George School our staff and parents all try to model our values as well as teaching them to our children.

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