School Houses

At St George’s we have four houses, represented by all the students and staff members of the school. The children join a School House when they enter the school and stay there until they finish.

Our 4 houses are as follows:

Successful houses have to work as a team and this is not only based on working and playing as a team, but also on recognising and promoting the individual talents of all members of the house, fostering respect for team leaders.

The house points system applies to many different areas of the school in which students compete as a team. House points are accumulated throughout the year through a series of sporting, creative, academic and other activities, as well as through obtaining diplomas of the school’s values. Annual competitions include Sports Day, speech competition, talent contest and many other creative and academic challenges.

Students are very proud of their house and encourage members to participate in the best way possible. We try to ensure that there are a variety of events and competitions throughout the year, so that all students can find something that fits them so they can offer points for their home.

The winning house receives the Annual House Shield at the end of each year.

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