Music school

Music school

St George has its own School of Music, not only for instrumental teaching, but also for the benefits that music brings to the students’ overall development, improving language skills, memory, behaviour, or spatial awareness.

We offer lessons in piano, violin, classical and electric guitar, singing and drums.


Piano lessons help improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, which is vital for pupils’ overall skills development. In particular, playing the piano improves the sense of rhythm, helps develop creative thinking and personal discipline.


Pupils can learn violin from an early age. Learning the violin helps develop spatial and temporal awareness, mental flexibility, abstract thinking and understanding key concepts such as tone.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in our culture. Learning the guitar will help the children’s development, improve agility and mental capacity. It also promotes artistic and musical sensibility, and helps develop social skills and self esteem.

Electric guitar

Al igual que la guitarra clásica o acústica, la práctica de este instrumento aporta beneficios que ayudarán al niño en su desarrollo, mejora la agilidad y la capacidad mental así como la autoestima y las habilidades sociales y favorece la sensibilidad artística y musical.


Learning to play percussion instruments, consisting of kick, snare, toms and cymbals, assists the children’s development. Perhaps the biggest children development in the same way as other instruments mentioned above. A key difference in that drumming is also a demanding physical activity.