St. George School on ABC Sevilla

ABC de Sevilla has published an advertorial about St. George. Our headmistress, Mrs. Goldsack, shares her positive experience at the School.

The experience of Yago Molano

At the start, organising Seville’s regional was a bit stressful. Me, along with another school colleague, wanted the regional to be done in our city again. We looked for a member with more experience, which is a requirement to be able to organise sessions, and we started. The start was crazy, because when we got back from Greece we only had two weeks to make a proposal, which should include the hostel, participating schools, venues…

From this early stage, St. George helped a lot. As always, Mrs. Goldsack, along with Mrs. Espinedo, were more than willing to listen and offer their help. Also, many of my school acquaintances are the ones that have made it possible for the session to go onwards.

What has organising something like this been like? It has been an experience that is unmatched by any other, which has taught me many things about real life. Having to write thousands of emails to different businesses, knowing that many wouldn’t answer back, making calls, and calling again, going to meetings with high ranking people in their professions… They are all things that I had not pictured doing at this early stage of my life.

I have to say that there have been many times where I asked myself, ‘why did I think about doing this?’, which at the time seemed like an endless amount of work, and other times where I didn’t feel intelligent enough, old enough, nor brave enough to make that call to Seville’s Major or go to that meeting in CaixaForum. But for most of the time, organising this session has been a learning process, of both the real world and myself. And it seems like a lie that only after this few months, when I go into a meeting to, for example, ask for money, I don’t feel out of place anymore, rather, I feel capable of connecting with the person and selling the idea.

As I’ve said, there have been hard moments and it has been very hard work, but there is something which makes me want to do it again: seeing my foreign friends, which I’ve met in other EYP Sessions, excited of being able to meet again in Seville; hearing the excitement in the voice of my school’s colleagues as they talk of the session. It makes all of the hard work not seem like that much. Because by organising this session, I am allowing that the 60 young participants have one of the best weekends of their lives, have fun and also have the opportunity to participate in something that, for me, has meant so much over the past year and which has changed me a lot. Simple things like seeing participants talk about the session in the hall, in which I’ve invested so much of my time and have created from scratch, make it all worth it.

Fundación Banco de alimentos de Sevilla

This year we are supporting Fundacion Banco de Alimentos again. We asked our families for donations of non-perishable food: legumes, rice, milk, flour, oil, preserves, pasta, baby food… The food will be distributed among more than 400 centers collaborating with “Banco de Alimentos”, and they will donate the food to the people in need in Seville. Thanks to all who are collaborating with them!



Last week we welcomed parents and students to a celebration afternoon, in which we presented the official certificates, as well as a prize for the highest academic achievement, effort and progress. The purpose of the event was to recognize children’s achievement in their A/AS Levels and IGCSE Examinations taken in May-June 2017. Congratulations to all our students for their excellent results!

The St. George 2017-18 Student Council


The St. George 2017-18 Student Council have been elected by their classmates. There are representatives for every year and form group. The student council representatives had their first meeting at the beginning of October and elected Jorge E. as president, Abryl M. is Vice president, Julia A. is 2nd Vice president (events) and Sophia N. is the group´s Secretary.
The other members are Kyia S., Niah A., Amanda G., Rodrigo M., Raul P., Daniel L., Andrea G., Milena R. and Curro V. Mrs Debra Durrant is the adviser for the group.
The students are very excited about planning fun and charitable activities this year.
The first fund raiser for charity has been the 11th of October, International Day. The student council sold drinks to help raise money for the school´s chosen charities.
Then, coming up at the end of the month, Halloween!! With lots of scarily fun activities!!!

International Day in our School


Last Wednesday we celebrated the International Day in our School. There was an assembly in the morning and some class activities during the day. Each class chose a country and they have been learning about customs, traditions and culture. In the afternoon each class set up a display table on the back patio representing their chosen country. This provided an opportunity for students and parents to walk around and look at each other’s work , taste the typical food and learn about some countries other than their own. Thanks to all parents, teachers and children for their collaboration and making the most of this day!


Primary students have celebrated Roal Dalh´s birthday enjoying their fantastic stories.

European Youth Parliament


St George School Seville has being selected as one of the winning Schools to represent Spain in the next National and Regional sessions abroad of the EYP (European Youth Parliament). We would like to congratulate our students Julia C, Lucas K and Yago M for the great effort and the fantastic work done.



This week we celebrated the world book week, and in order to encourage our students to enjoy reading our teachers prepared funny activities and the students came to school today dressed as their favorite book character.

International football competition


Our students are enjoying a great experience as they are participating in an international football competition, the Mediterranean Cup, that takes place this weekend in Verona, Italy. Very proud of them representing Spain as they are doing very well and they won a few matches so far! Keep going!

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