Statement of aims

Statement of aims St.George SchoolSt. George British Schools aim to educate children into becoming confident, knowledgeable, and creative adults who are equipped to make a significant contribution to the modern world. They will have an understanding of, and empathy for the diverse cultures throughout the world, and will have developed a love of learning.

In order to fulfil our mission statement, our objectives are:

  • To provide a secure, stimulating, motivating and tranquil learning environment for our pupils.
  • To help and encourage pupils to achieve their best and to attain the highest possible academic level.
  • To provide a British education in a bicultural environment.
  • To help prepare pupils for adult life by encouraging self-confidence, mutual respect, a sense of duty and ethical values.
  • To ensure pupils benefit from Spain´s language and culture through complementary Spanish studies.

`Learning for the future and Learning from the past.´