Joy in learning

Joy in learning. St.George SchoolSt. George ISOM are co-educational Primary and Secondary schools for children from 2 to 18 years of age. St. George Schools are fully authorised by the regional government and members of the prestigious National Association of British Schools in Spain.

St. George has already gained a reputation for high educational standards. Pupils are well-motivated and happy. Class sizes are kept to a reasonable level throughout the school and there is strong support for individuals, both for those who experience difficulties and others who are exceptionally talented.

The schools are well resourced and there is good ict support in all the classrooms.

We want pupils at our schools to learn effectively, through thinking, feeling and doing. We want them to learn how to analyse, solve problems, think creatively and use their imaginations. We also want them to have a sentimental education, learning to explore and understand their own feelings and those of others. In these ways the pupils will be prepared fully for the demands and complexities of modern life.

Learning is often difficult and arduous. At St. George we want the process to be a pleasure as well.