School life

We open the school doors at 9.00am, lessons start at 9.15am and end at 4.15pm. We offer Breakfast Club for those parents who need to leave their children before the opening gate hour.


All students must come to school in full uniform. St. George offers a different uniform for the summer and winter, in addition to the PE kit. The Uniforms can be purchased at El Corte Ingles.

Coats and accessories such as caps, scarves and hair bands must be navy blue in colour. Children may not wear jewelry or wrist bands and are only allowed to wear a watch.

All items of clothing worn to school must have the student’s full name clearly visible on the item.

St. George uniform

Dining room

We have our own kitchen and school dining room, with menus age appropriate menus planned according to the different age groups of the children. The menus are created by nutritional specialists and supervised by the school management. We strive for variety, quality and balance. Personalised menus are also available for those students with special dietary needs.

Parents are always informed of menus so that they can coordinate them with mealtimes at home.

Breakfast Club

We offer a Breakfast Club which allows for parents to drop their children at school earlier. We provide a healthy breakfast under the supervision of our staff.

The Breakfast Club opens its doors one hour before the beginning of the school day.

St. George Dining room and Breakfast Club

School bus

We have a school bus service covering a wide area of Barcelona.

If you would like to request this service, contact the school to confirm the stop closest to your place of residence.

To guarantee the safety of our students, all routes are supervised by monitors responsible for taking care of the children.

school bus

Health and Safety

Our school is equipped with a medical space to administer first aid should the need arise during the school day. In case of emergencies, children can be transported to the hospital arranged by the school. In all cases we would speak to parents first, unless we are unable to contact them for whatever reason.


Should students need some form of medication, the family must notify the school in written form at the secretary’s desk.

All medicines must be labeled with the date, name, hour, dosage and if they require refrigeration. We cannot medicate your child without required written instruction.
In the case of specific treatments such as for allergies, special diets, etc. we ask that parents inform the school as soon as possible and that they provide us with the corresponding medical report.

Accident Insurance

St. George School provides accident insurance to all its students.

St. George School Health and Safety. Our school is equipped with a medical space.
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