Teaching values to our students is more important today than ever. As educators and parents, we are students’ greatest influence and it is our responsibility to teach them to be people with values so that they can grow up to be loving, confident, and respectful adults.

Mission statement

“To achieve excellence where every child matters”. We aim to provide the highest educational standards that meet the needs of all children. Through using our five values; respect, responsibility, fairness, kindness and personal best, we aim that children leave our school as respectful and compassionate individuals who always aim to do their best and to recognise the positive impact they can have on the those around them and the interdependent world we live in.

School values

St. George promotes and encourages five core values:

Our values

Following these values teaches students how to lead successful and happy lives but not only thinking about themselves, but also about the world around them. For us, the school is like a big family where every child has a role to play and everyone is equally valued and loved.

We believe that values are “caught” by children as much as they are taught. That means that if we want our students to respect others, or follow any of the values we want to inculcate in them, we must first put it into practice, so both teachers, staff and parents work to lead by example.

Promoting an environment in which core values are a focal point allows them to deal with life and foster balanced development and growth because without values and respect, students lack a defined direction.

In order to promote these values, students are rewarded with diplomas in the weekly assembly, for having had a personal achievement, for having promoted some of the values, as well as for having obtained a certain number of diplomas.

We know that this reward system ensures that values are integrated as part of the child’s natural social ‘habits’. This, in turn, along with their academic achievements will help ensure that when they leave school, students enjoy happy and successful lives as principled young adults, prepared to go out into the world and build their future.

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